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Research Tools: Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA)

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Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA)

Finding Aid for: Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) (d-2) Public Hearings 1973

Descriptive Summary

Signed into law in December 1980, the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) reclassified more than 104 million acres of Alaska into new or expanded parks and refuges. The act nearly doubled the sizes of the National Park System and National Wildlife Refuge System, tripled the size of the National Wilderness Preservation System, and set aside 25 rivers in the Wild and Scenic River System. For the first time in history the act included entire ecosystems in protected status.

The civic process leading up to the legislation included comprehensive public hearings carried out under the auspices of the Alaska Joint Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission that were recorded on black & white videotape. Alaska Natives, non-native Alaska residents and a sample of concerned Americans living outside Alaska testified during the hearings. Alaska Native speakers at 11 locations testified through interpreters.

Conservation of wild land has become widely accepted, and the passage of ANILCA was a defining moment in this evolution. Attitudes and opinions expressed in the land-use hearings provide a good picture of public opinion on these matters in 1973.


212 video recordings of varying quality, taped at 31 locations in Alaska and 4 locations outside of Alaska between February and June 1973.


Copies of the hearings are on both VHS and DVD at the Rasmuson Library. They are available for viewing in the library or loan including inter-library loan. An additional set of DVDs is available at the Alaska State Library in Juneau.


Research only - no commercial or production use is allowed.


Location Date Call Numbers
Allakaket* May 5, 1973 AAF-2757 thru AAF-2761
Anaktuvuk Pass * May 12, 1973

AAF-2789, AAF-2791, 
AAF-2793, AAF-2795

Anchorage February 12, 1973 AAF-2889 thru AAF-2894
Anchorage February 22-23, 1973 AAF-2895 thru AAF-2901
Anchorage April 23-24, 1973 AAF-2904 thru AAF-2909
Anchorage June 3, 1973 AAF-2870 thru AAF-2886
Barrow * May 11, 1973 AAF-2787 thru AAF-2788
Bethel* April 30, 1973 AAF-2716 thru AAF-2720
Copper Center May 13, 1973 AAF-2797 thru AAF-2800
Cordova May 13, 1973 AAF-2801 thru AAF-2802
Denver May 25, 1973 AAF-2840 thru AAF-2849
Dillingham* April 26, 1973 AAF-2700 thru AAF-2702
Emmonak* May 2, 1973 AAF-2727 thru AAF-2731
Fairbanks May 17-18, 1973 AAF-2814 thru AAF-2827
Ft. Yukon May 4, 1973


Galena May 2, 1973 AAF-2732 thru AAF-2737
Holy Cross April 28, 1973 AAF-2713 thru AAF-2715
Iliamna April 25, 1973 AAF-2692 thru AAF-2696
Juneau May 16-17, 1973 AAF-2806 thru AAF-2813
Juneau February 1974 AAF-2752
Kenai April 26, 1973 AAF-2703 thru AAF-2706
Kiana* May 10, 1973 AAF-2782 thru AAF-2785
King Cove May 10, 1973 AAF-2786
Kodiak May 9, 1973 AAF-2774 thru AAF-2776
Kotzebue* May 9, 1973 AAF-2777 thru AAF-2781
McGrath May 1, 1973

AAF-2721 thru AAF-2726

Naknek May 4, 1973 AAF-2754 thru AAF-2756
Nome May 7, 1973 AAF-2762 thru AAF-2768
Northway May 16, 1973

AAF-2804 thru AAF-2805

San Francisco May 22, 1973

AAF-2828 thru AAF-2839 

Seattle May 15-26, 1973 AAF-2850 thru AAF-2857
Seward April 23, 1973 AAF-2697 thru AAF-2699
Shishmaref * May 8-9, 1973

AAF-2769 thru AAF-2773

Tanunak* April 27, 1973

AAF-2707 thru AAF-2709

Togiak * May 3, 1973 AAF-2738 thru AAF-2744
Tok June 18, 1973 AAF-2887 thru AAF-2888
Valdez April 27, 1973

AAF-2710 thru AAF-2712

Washington D.C. May 30, 1973 AAF-2858 thru AAF-2868
Yakutat May 15, 1973 AAF-2803

* Denotes meetings with indigenous speakers using interpreters translating their testimony for the committee

Preservation and access to this material was made possible through grant funding from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission grant number 2004-073, and matching funds from the Rasmuson Foundation.

Completed December 2005

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