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Research Tools: Alaska Political Collections

A Guide to Primary Resources in the Alaska & Polar Regions Collections, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Alaska Political Collections


Bartlett, Edward Lewis "Bob" (1904-1968). [D; Del. 1945-46; Sen. 1959-1968] Papers: 1938-1970. 334 feet. Personal and congressional papers and correspondence including reports, photographs, audio recordings, memorabilia documenting service as secretary of the Territory of Alaska, and delegate to Congress, and U.S. senator. Finding aid.

Begich, Nicholas Joseph (1932-1972). [D; Rep. 1971-1972] Papers: 1970-1973. 80 cubic feet. Congressional papers and correspondence, portraits, and memorabilia. Finding aid.

Dimond, Anthony Joseph (1881-1953). [D; Del. 1933-1934] Papers: 1904-1953. ca. 18 feet. Personal and political correspondence, speeches, and other papers relating to his service as Territorial Delegate. Finding aid. See also: Donohoe-Ostrander-Dimond records, 1903-1933. ca. 15 feet. Restricted. Finding aid.

Gravel, Maurice Robert "Mike" (1930- ). [D; Sen. 1969-80] Papers: 1957-1980. 509 linear feet. Chiefly senatorial papers including: legislative files, correspondence, issue files, campaign records, constituent services records, public relations material, staff files, office records, speeches, clippings, and photographs. Subjects include Trans-Alaska pipeline, Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, Gravel’s public reading of the Pentagon Papers, the Vietnam War, Panama Canal, and underground nuclear testing. Finding aid.

Gruening, Ernest (1887-1974). [D; Sen. 1959-1968] Papers: 1914-1974 (bulk 1959-1968). 500 cubic feet. Political and personal correspondence; diaries; speeches; subject files; news clippings; notebooks; photographs; films; audio recordings; and memorabilia from his years in the Senate, as governor, director of Territories, and as an editor. Subjects include Alaska’s campaign for statehood, public works in Alaska, population control, aviation, disasters, natural resources, and foreign relations, especially Vietnam. Also includes a small amount of Dorothy Smith Gruening's correspondence and guest books. Finding aid. See also Gruening diaries [microform], 1910, 1930-1970.

Pollock, Howard Wallace (1920- ) . [R; Rep. 1967-1970]. Papers: 1967-1970. 39 feet. Congressional papers and correspondence. Finding aid.

Rivers, Ralph J. (1903-1976). [D; Rep. 1959-1966]. Papers: 1956-1966. 104 feet. Congressional papers and correspondence, video tape, and sound recordings. Finding aid. Partially restricted. See also the Victor C. Rivers Family Collection [microform], 1939-1959.

Sutherland, Daniel Alexander (1869-1955). [D; Del. 1921-1930]. Papers: 1908-1931. ca. 1 foot Includes correspondence and reports exchanged with James Wickersham, clippings related to his political career and issues affecting Alaska. Finding aid.

Waskey, Frank Hinman (1875-1964). [D; Del. 1905-1906]. Papers: 1919-1954. ca. 0.5 foot. Chiefly diaries (1919, 1923-1925), manuscripts and stories regarding his experiences as a prospector and proprietor of a trading post; few items relate to his role as Alaska’s first Territorial Delegate. Finding aid.

Wickersham, James (1857-1939). [R; Del. 1909-1920; 1931-1932]. Papers: 1880-1939. Personal and congressional papers and correspondence. Includes 11 reels of microfilm of his diaries (1900-1939). Finding aid.


Bennett, Don Papers: Undated. 24 cu. ft. Correspondence and other records. Bennett was an Alaska state senator and a candidate for Lt. Governor. Inventory.

Brice, Tom. Papers: 1990-ca. 2000. 34 cu. ft. Tom Brice graduated from UAF in 1990 and has been in the State Legislature since 1991 (House 1991 - 1997+). This collection consists of his papers from his time in office, includes correspondence, legislative files, and other material related to his office. Inventory. RESTRICTED

Carpenter, Larry. Papers: 1966-1979. 76 cu.ft. This collection consists of reports, tourist information, clippings, and legislative information, as well as slides and photographs, with an emphasis on the construction of the pipeline. Inventory.

Egan, William A.(1914-1984). Papers: 1940-1984. 23.75 cu. ft. Personal papers of his political career, including correspondence, speeches, press releases, and campaign materials. See also the records of the Governor’s Office at the Alaska State Archives in Juneau.

Faiks, Jan. Papers: 1978-1989. 15 cu. ft. Correspondence and legislative files covering education, public safety, social services, and development projects. Inventory.

Jones, Charles Davenport, 1875-1963. Papers: 1895-1958. 1.5 cubic feet. Correspondence related to his mining enterprises and to his political career, newspaper clippings, photographs and poems written by Jones. Inventory.

Kay, Wendell Palmer, Jr. Papers: 1955-1965. 0.1 foot. Photocopy of a clipping scrapbook concerning his legal and political career. Finding aid.

Koponen, Niilo. Papers: 1897-1992. 103 cu. ft. This collection consists of correspondence, legislative files, reports, letters and manuscripts written by Copley Armory, Jr., photographs, and lantern slides. Inventory.

Rasmuson, Elmer E. Papers: ca. 1900-2003. 500 cu. ft. This collection includes papers related to Rasmuson’s term as Mayor of Anchorage as well as his unsuccessful Senatorial campaign. Finding aid.

Rhode, Leo F. (1908-2002). Papers, 1928-2002. 0.65 cu. ft. Biographical information, newspaper clippings, and memorabilia. In his long career of public service, Rhode was, among other things, a member of the University of Alaska Board of Regents, Alaska state legislator, and mayor of Homer, Alaska. Inventory.

Strong, J. F. A. (1856-1929) and Mary Anne Hall,. Papers, 1863-1947. 10.5 cu. ft. Correspondence, political materials, business letters, clippings, and ephemera documenting Strong’s term as Territorial Governor (D, 1913-1929) and personal life. Also contains material collected by Strong’s wife, Mary Anne Hall Strong. Finding aid.


Constitutional Convention Delegate Reunion, 1996. 0.01 cu. ft. Photographs and negatives of the reunion of delegates on the 40th anniversary of the Constitutional Convention.

Democratic Central District Committee, 1964-1969. 0.25 cu. ft. Correspondence, membership records, and organizational files related to the operation and activities of the local branch of the Democratic Party.

Fairbanks Republican Women’s Club, 1915-1971 (bulk ca. 1965-1971) 2.25 cu. ft. Correspondence, reports, and publications of the local branch of the Republican Party.

League of Women Voters, 1965-1989. 19 cu. ft. Minutes, correspondence, reports, and subject files for local chapters as well as the state organization. Chapters represented include the Anchorage, Fairbanks North Star Borough, Greater Juneau Borough, Kenai Peninsula, Ketchikan Gateway Borough, and Kodiak Island Leagues. In addition, the Tanana Valley Chapter is particularly well documented in the collection.

Operation Statehood records, 1953-1958. 4 cu. ft. Correspondence, bills and resolutions, and research files related to the campaign to gain statehood for Alaska. Operation Statehood started as a grassroots group called Little Men for Statehood and evolved, with incorporation, to become a prominent political action committee.

Republican Central District Committee records, 1959-1966. 2.5 cu. ft. Minutes, reports, precinct reports, news clippings, and subject files related to the operation and activities of the local branch of the Republican Party.


Delta Junction (Alaska) City Council records [microform], 1960-1985. Minutes.

Eagle (Alaska) City Council records [microform], 1900-1966. Minutes

Fairbanks (Alaska) historical records, 1903-1990. 38 cubic feet. Includes documents of incorporation, judicial records, meeting minutes, property assessments, tax rolls, and planning documents.

League of Alaskan Cities newsletters, 1957-1961.

Sitka (Alaska) City Council records [microform], 1867-1973. Proceedings and resolutions.

Sitka (Alaska) Mayor’s Court records [microform], 1867-1973. Court cases and records of the formation of municipal government in Sitka.

Minto (Alaska) City Council records [microform], 1939-1948. Minutes.


Alaska Statehood Collection. Records: ca. 1959. ca. 1 cu. ft. Material related to the Statehood movement including copies of Congressional bills and speeches, newspaper clippings, and ephemera.

Ballinger, Richard Achilles, 1858-1922. Papers [microform]: 1907-1920. Includes correspondence, scrapbooks, and memoranda.

Geoghegan, Richard Henry, 1866-1943. Papers [microform]: 1906-1910. Correspondence as an attorney for Alaska’s 4th Division Territorial Court.
Hellenthal, John S. Papers: 1955-1962. 5 cu. ft. Materials related to his role in the Constitutional Convention and the fight for Statehood.

Kehoe, Joseph W., 1890-1955. Papers [microform]: 1944-1955. Includes diaries, case notes, news clippings, and correspondence. Major correspondents include Henry P. Chandler, Rev. Jules M. Convert, E.L. Bartlett, and Ernest Gruening.

Thompson, George & Bee Gee. Papers: 0.1 foot. Consists of one copy of the Alaska Statehood Act of 1958, autographed by members of the Alaska delegation who went to Washington, D.C. to lobby for statehood. The collection also includes a list of those who signed the copy along with a description of each delegate's part in achieving statehood.

Additional public policy materials may be found in collections related to a variety of policy issues including statehood; conservation/environment; natural resource development (oil, mining, logging, fishing, etc.); Alaska Native corporations, land claims, and related issues; education; transportation; rural development; and subsistence. Depending upon your research topic, searching on these key words or checking other Guides to Collections may provide additional sources.

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