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Topic Guides: Find Out if Rasmuson Library Has Access to a Specific Journal

The UAF Journals List

  1. Search the UAF Journals list to see if Rasmuson Library has access to a specific journal. 
Search the UAF Journals List

Understanding Search Results

When searching the UAF Journals List, your search results will show whether or not Rasmuson Library has access to a specific journal, the years available, and the database in which articles may be found.

For example, in the results below Rasmuson Library has access to articles in the journal entitled International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health from 2004 to present. To access articles in this journal you would click one of the databases listed in the search results.  

Searching the UAF Journals List

If you receive a No results were found message contact the Reference desk, as we may be able to help you find the journal you're looking for. 
No Results Found in the UAF Journals List

Using the Journals List When You Have A Citation

When you have a citation for an article, use the Journals List to see if Rasmuson Library has access to that journal and specific article.

For example, if you had the following citation:

Perina, K. (2013). From Parasites to Prejudice. Psychology Today, 46(6), 3.

  1. Search the Journals List for the name of the periodical: Psychology Today
  2. Select one of the databases listed under Full Text Access
  3. Try to find the article by looking under the year of publication (in this example 2013), the volume number (in this example 46) and the issue number (in this example 6).

If you get stuck or can't find the article you need, contact Rasmuson Library and we can help!

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