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The Library Catalog: Advanced Searching

Information on how to use the Library Catalog.

About Advanced Searching

Use the Advanced Search page to fine-tune your search.


Accessing the Advanced Search Page

  1. On the Library Catalog page, click Advanced Search.
    Click Advanced Search

Advanced Search Fields

Below are descriptions about each field in the Advanced Search box.

  • All these words --  This is the same as the Boolean AND operator. Items retrieved must have ALL of the words typed in the box.
  • This exact phrase -- This is the same as using quotation marks to indicate and exact phrase. The search will look for items exactly as typed in the search box.
  • These unwanted terms --  This is the same as the Boolean NOT operator. Items retrieved will not contain the words typed in the box.
  • Format type -- Find items in a specific format, such as a musical score, DVD, or manuscript.
  • Language -- Find items in a specific language.
  • Library -- Specify the Alaskan library you want to search. 
  • Title -- Search on the title of the item.
  • Author -- Search on the author of the item.
  • Subject -- Search on the Library of Congress Subject Heading.
  • Search Target Limits -- Limit your search to a collection on the UAF campus, or the Alaska Digital Library.  


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