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Elmer E. Rasmuson Library
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Rasmuson Library Student Success Center: Academic Success Center

Rasmuson Library Student Success Center

What is the Rasmuson Library Student Success Center?

The University is integrating a number of its separately administered academic services and student support programs under a single entity located within the Rasmuson Library, the "Rasmuson Library Student Success Center." Having such a center inside the library will increase visibility and awareness of academic support services for all students, in an inviting, modern space where students feel at home.

In this newly renovated space, UAF's wide range of traditional and non-traditional students will be able to obtain comprehensive academic support services as well as on-site help for library resources, all in one location. The Center will offer spaces for students to learn on their own, from peers, and from tutors, and will be exposed to support and resources they may not have previously known existed. There will be group and individual study spaces, Zoom rooms, presentation spaces, and services such as advising, tutoring, and more.

How did this program get started?

This concept grew amongst many stakeholders at UAF, including the Student Academic Development and Achievement (SADA) committee many years ago, the Faculty Senate’s endorsement of a library Learning Commons in 2009, and more recently among the library director, the Chancellor and administrators and staff in student support services. Student success centers exist at many other universities and colleges, in order to ensure that students have wide access to the support they need. The timing of this project also dovetails with the Chancellor’s goal to modernize the student experience, including updating buildings and spaces to accommodate contemporary needs. This project will help modernize the library so it becomes a space students love to go, and as an added benefit, get the services they need to succeed.

Why is this important?

UAF’s unique student population needs and deserves more academic support so that students can be more successful with retention and graduation. The goal is to reduce barriers to the essential support services, and provide welcoming and easy access to them.

When will this be built?

Space design and service planning are still in development. In order to clear space on level 6 for the center, the library has to move all of the book collections into other spaces, which is happening now. Some lesser-used materials are moving to storage in the Arctic Health Research Building, on the West Ridge. Other materials will be moved to the library’s 5th floor, the 3rd floor, and the level 1 closed storage area. As you might imagine, it’s a huge undertaking for all of the library staff! We hope to be “shovel-ready” by April 1st, 2022.


  1. Where can I study that is quiet?

    There are spaces on levels 5, 3 and 2 that allow for quiet study. If you have trouble finding a suitable location, ask at our Circulation Desk for assistance.
  2. Who will be able to use the Student Success Center?

    The center will be open to all UAF students, including students here at the Troth Yedda campus, and students connecting online.
  3. Where are the books going? Will the library still have books?
    • The library will always have books!
    • In addition to our special Alaska and polar regions collections, as well as our rare books, we will continue to provide printed books as needed for faculty and students.
    • We have greatly supplemented our print collection by making access available to over ½ million e-books, which are included in our online library catalog.
    •  Also, Rasmuson Library is connected worldwide through WorldCat, which allows us to borrow books from other libraries.
    • Check with library staff on how to request something through Interlibrary Loan.
    • And if you’d like to recommend a resource, feel free to do so. We love suggestions!
  4. What’s in it for the library? Why would the library want to give up this space?

    With the advent of the success center, the library will see and engage with many more students using our facilities, and have the opportunity to showcase our amazing collections.

    Our librarians will collaborate with the support services in the success center to build awareness among staff, faculty and students of the amazing resources and services available through our subscriptions, collections, and professional staffing. The center will provide a new opportunity to help students appreciate what libraries have to offer
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