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APRCA Policies: Oral History Collection Policy

Oral History Program Collection Policy

Interviews accepted into the University of Alaska Fairbanks Oral History Collection must be available for public use. We cannot accept recordings where:

  1. The narrator or other body must be consulted prior to each use of the interview.
    Such a restriction severely reduces the circulation and usefulness of the tape and makes long term management impossible.
  2. Individuals and/or members of particular groups are forbidden to use the interview.
    Both the UAF Oral History Program and the Rasmuson Library are firmly committed to the principles of intellectual freedom and will not accept any form of discrimination. 
  3. The interviewer and/or narrator prohibits the UAF Oral History Program from making copies of the interviews and/or insists upon retaining the right to sell copies.
    We need to be able to make copies of interviews for circulation, preservation, transcription purposes and for the narrators and their families. 
  4. Multiple narrators appear on a recording without a signed Oral History Gift and Release form from each narrator. 
    Each narrator on the recording must sign a release.

We do allow some limited restrictions to be placed on certain interviews under the following circumstances:

  1. Interviews to be used in a book or other publication project can be restricted from public use for no more than two years. At the end of two years, the tapes will be made available to the public regardless of whether or not anything has been published.
  2. Officials can restrict public access to their own interviews until they leave public office provided that they will be leaving office in two years or less. At the end of two years, the tape will be made available to the public regardless of whether or not they have left office.
  3. Radio programs typically retain rebroadcast rights to interviews that they have produced unless they choose to relinquish that right to the UAF Oral History Program.

The Oral History Program requires that you observe the following guidelines if you wish to place a recording in the Oral History Collection:

  1. All recordings received at the Oral History Program must have a UAF Gift and Release Agreement, signed by the narrator, on file at the Oral History Program office within four (4) weeks of receipt of the recording by the Oral History Program.
  2. Interviews cannot be restricted beyond the life span of the A/V medium.
  3. The UAF Oral History Program does not warehouse collections. Anyone seeking to have their tapes restricted from public use and stored for a period of time should consult commercial vendors who specialize in this service.

If copies of interviews are to be deposited with several institutions, all of the institutions should be named in the release form. If UAF is one of the named institutions, it should be noted in the release that we make our collections available to the public.

Contact the Oral History Program

Leslie McCartney, Curator of Oral History

Robyn Russell, Collection Manager

Elmer E. Rasmuson Library
1732 Tanana Loop
PO Box 756800
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-6800
Phone: 907-474-7481​​
Text: 907-341-4404​

The University of Alaska Fairbanks is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer and educational institution and provider and prohibits illegal discrimination against any individual.

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