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About: Happy 100th birthday Yvonne Mozee!

Happy 100th birthday Yvonne Mozee!

Today (April 25th) the Archives celebrates the remarkable Mozee Family! 🎉

In a bit of coincidence, archives' staff has just finished processing the treasure trove that is the Mozee Family Papers! The over 30,000 photographs and almost 50 boxes depict the lives of two generations of the Alaskan spirit. The Mozee Family Papers covers the diverse interests and work of the Mozee family and their time in Alaska starting with Ben’s arrival in 1909 and continuing through to Yvonne’s death in 2009. Among the materials are Ben’s diaries and notes on his work as a teacher and reindeer superintendent. Yvonne’s materials consist of her notes, writings, travels, and photography while working with the Moral Re-armament Organization as well as her photography work with various newspapers and as a freelance photographer. Yvonne also collected various materials on her family’s genealogy, most notable of which is Walter Harper’s (her uncle) original diary from his ascent of Mount Denali with Hudson Stuck.

So, let's celebrate Yvonne Mozee on her centennial year and the timeless legacy that her family leaves behind!

Yvonne Mozee, April 25, 1924 to Sept 2009.



Yvonne Mozee

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