Congrats to Karen Brewster on the release of her latest book!

The University of Alaska Press has released “The Making of an Ecologist: My
Career in Alaska Wildlife Management and Conservation
,” by David Klein and
edited by Karen Brewster.

David R. Klein is a leader in promoting the role of habitat in effective
management of large hoofed mammals (ungulates), including deer, moose,
caribou, mountain sheep, muskoxen, and mountain goats, animals that are
vital to Alaska subsistence, hunting, and wildlife tourism.

“The Making of an Ecologist” tells the stories of Klein’s work and the
inspiration behind the science. The book follows the evolution of Alaska’s
wildlife management from territorial days to statehood and the era of big

Klein’s lifetime of work touches a myriad of people and places. Many of his
67 graduate students have gone on to become successful wildlife managers
and conservationists in Alaska and around the globe. Beyond Alaska, Klein
worked in all of the Arctic countries, resulting in long-term
collaborations with international colleagues.

The final section of the book emphasizes Klein’s philosophy, ethical
approach to wildlife management and conservation, and the importance of
cross-cultural understanding in an ever-changing global society.

David R. Klein is professor emeritus at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
He was leader of the Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit at
the University of Alaska, Fairbanks from 1962 until 1991, and then a senior
scientist with the unit until his retirement in 1997. He is the author of
more than 125 published articles, papers, and book chapters.

Karen Brewster is a research associate with the Oral History Program at the
Rasmuson Library. Her books include “The Whales, They Give Themselves:
Conversations with Harry Brower, Sr.” and “Boots, Bikes and Bombers:
Adventures of Alaska Conservationist, Ginny Hill Wood,” both from the
University of Alaska Press.


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