Libraries & Digital Resources Fee

The Libraries & Digital Resources Fee is used to support physical and virtual library services and online subscription resources/materials that enhance academic success.

Some examples of resources that are purchased with student library fees include, but are not limited to:

  • lending equipment such as laptops, projectors, cameras, and sound systems, and more
  • improvements to student spaces such as group study rooms, individual, user-friendly study spaces, and creative social areas (e.g., water refill stations, technology for group use, comfortable seating, etc.)
  • student-focused online resources (e.g., testing and career materials, streaming video or audio services, entry-level reference resources, general use databases, books and e-books on all topics)

The cost of the library fee is $5.00 per credit hour, to a maximum of $75.00 per semester.

Students enrolled in 3 credits or more at any UAF campus will pay the fee.

Have suggestions about how the fee should be used? Let us know.


This page was last modified on May 16, 2019