Using Library Resources for UAF Classes – Information for Faculty

Rasmuson Library has many resources available for use in UAF classes, including thousands of peer-reviewed journals, plenty of electronic and print books, and a wealth of primary sources in our special collections. We strongly encourage faculty to give assignments to students that require the use of library resources. We provide support for use of library sources in several ways:

It’s important that we at the library know ahead of time if you will be assigning research papers or projects requiring specific resources. When you are completing a new or special topics course form, it’s helpful to contact us first, and request a summary of library resources available for your class. If there are specialized items you need, letting us know well in advance of the course offering allows us the time and budget to acquire needed materials. If you assume that we have what you need without knowing for certain whether we have these materials, it could be disappointing during the class offering later, when there may be neither time nor funds for us to acquire what is needed.

To ensure library resource availability, please contact:

Karen Jensen, Collection Development Officer

This page was last modified on January 28, 2017