What if I have overdue Interlibrary Loan materials?

If you have ILL material that is overdue, a notice will be sent to you. If the item is not returned you will be blocked both from further ILL loan activity and general borrowing from the library.

If an item has not been returned 3 weeks after its due date, it will be invoiced (to you) for replacement fees. When an item has been invoiced, a block is placed on your patron ID. This block suspends all library privileges. When the item is returned or paid for, basic library privileges are reinstated. However, ILL privileges are still suspended for 60 days.

Interlibrary Loan works because libraries honor each other's policies and due dates. Timely return of ILL materials assures that we will continue to be able to borrow from other libraries. Keeping an ILL book beyond the due date jeopardizes our ability to borrow from that lender in the future, and may make important research materials unavailable to other UAF researchers.

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This page was last modified on August 18, 2017