How do I use the Polycom Soundsystem EX for Audio Teleconferences?

You may check out a Polycom Audio Teleconference Kit from the library for four hours if you are a student or staff, and 24 hours if you are faculty. The Polycom equipment is for university related events, interviews, conferences, and meetings only. The audio teleconferencing equipment is heavily used, so please plan ahead and book early.

  • Place the main speaker in the center of the meeting space.
  • Plug in the power supply that has two cords coming from it of differing sized jacks; one is wider than the other. If there are not two cords coming from the power supply, see the next steps.
  • Connect the smaller phone jack cord to the wall telephone jack. This is usually the smaller left side jack of the triangular beige port on the wall. The other end should already be plugged in or hardwired to the power supply.
  • Connect the wider Ethernet jack to the port under the main speaker “leg” directly opposite from the keypad. On the newer Polycoms, there is a picture icon of the unit to show where you plug the ethernet cable in. The newer units also allow you to unplug the wider ethernet cable to the power supply; so, one side of the ethernet cable goes to the power supply, one goes to the Polycom leg.
  • If pods come with your system, these may be used as remote microphones for better reception of voices sitting further from the main speaker. Each pod plugs into a smaller telephone jack under the other two speaker “legs”. The pods have long cords to accommodate larger crowds; place the pods within 3-4 feet of the person talking.
  • When it is time for your teleconference to begin, press “on/off” on the main speaker unit, (or, the picture of the phone handset on the new units) and dial your telephone number. The Polycom sounds exactly like your normal phone dialing. Depending on how your teleconference is set up, you may also need to dial a PIN to access the conference. The host arranging the conference should send you instructions BEFORE the conference.

Suggestions for a productive audio teleconference

  • Meeting host should acknowledge each participant by either a roll call or acknowledging each person as they sign on.
  • Mute your unit when you are not talking. There are mute buttons both on the main speaker unit and the pods.
  • Find a quiet place, like a conference room with a door you can close to keep down background noise when you want to speak.
  •  Use patience - wait to talk – and then identify who’s talking. The full simplex system of the Polycom Soundsystem EX means all can talk at once; this is sometimes confusing to follow if someone cuts in to someone else’s contribution to make a point. The volume level can be adjusted at the main speaker keypad.
  • When you are ready to speak:
    • Unmute your system
    • State your name and site
    • Wait 2 seconds
    • Make your contribution
    • Mute your system when you are finished

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This page was last modified on November 7, 2014