How do I search for archival materials at the Rasmuson Library?

We have several ways to find this information, and where you begin depends on the type of material you want.

How do I find historical photographs?

  1. Alaska's Digital Archives

    This is a consortium of libraries and archives across the state who have all digitized some of their images for an online database. This means you can find images from many institutions in Alaska in one place.

  2. Star Archives

    This is where we catalog the photographic and manuscript materials in the Alaska and Polar Regions Archives. You can find information on images that have not been digitized and require an in-person visit to the Archives.

How do I find manuscript materials?

  1. Star Archives

This is where you identify collections, records, and papers you'd like to visit in-person by using keyword searches. For all collections in Star, there is a basic description of the people, places, topics, and time frame the materials cover. For some collections, we have detailed finding aids and container lists that give more specific information on the items in the collection. You can identify collections with finding aids by their PDF attachments.

How to identify a finding aid

How do I find films?

  1. See How do I search the library catalog for Alaska Film Archives holdings?

You may also search for archival materials in the Library Catalog. You can do general keyword, author, title, etc. searches to pull up a list of results. You can then identify archival materials by the ARCHIVES call number.

What an Archives call number looks like

If you are looking specifically for film or oral histories, you can further limit the results of your search by searching specific collections.

How to search film or oral history collections

If you require assistance in finding archival materials, you can email the Archives at or call at 907-474-2791.

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This page was last modified on January 6, 2020