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How can I renew Interlibrary Loan materials?

Materials must be renewed during the appropriate time frame. Renewals can only be submitted 4 days prior to their due date up through the date they are due. Items ARE NOT eligible for renewal past their due date.

Make sure you check your email for automatic system generated notifications regarding your pending due dates.

Renewals must be approved by the library that sent the item. If the ILL label affixed to the item has 'No Renewals' printed on it, the lending library has indicated that they will not allow a renewal.

To request a renewal:

  1. Log on to ILLiad
  2. Select  Checked Out Items / Renew Requests (on the left side under View)
  3. Locate the item you wish to renew and click its Transaction Number.
  4. Once the detailed description page loads you will be able to request your renewal via the option in the upper right corner.

Please request renewals after receiving your "overdue soon" email notification or within a four days of the due date listed on the label affixed to the front of your item. Many libraries will refuse to renew items which are already overdue, so please don't delay if you think you need the item longer than allowed. Once you have requested your renewal you will immediately receive a temporary due date. This is only a temporary due date. You will be notified by email if your renewal has been granted or denied.

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This page was last modified on November 13, 2017