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How can I find a VHS or DVD copy of the movie, "Spirit of the Wind" also called "Attla"?

Hi, It is such a wonderful movie, isn't it? Unfortunately, a production and distribution rights deal has never been done for the U.S. home video market for the United States. It has been sold in European markets, mostly France, I believe, so you could try the Amazons for France or the UK - be aware, though, that the DVD encoding for those countries is a different region. So, unless you have a player for that country's region, or a "region free" DVD player, even if you acquire the DVD from another country, you may not be able to play it. I also should caution you to make sure you are buying a "legitimate" copy of Attla, and not a bootleg. Since it was never released for the home market in this country, (but was for the theatre presentation) almost any copy you find on the internet in this country is likely to be a bootleg. So, Caveat Emptor!

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This page was last modified on December 3, 2014