#29 Rasmuson Web Resources

If you aren’t aware or haven’t looked lately at the groovy web sites Rasmuson has up, check these out:

Alaska’s Digital Archives (VILDA)

Project Jukebox

DVD browser

Rasmuson Library Media Equipment

Rasmuson Library’s Underutilized Staff Forum

ListenAlaska Digital Audio Books Program

Listen Alaska: A statewide pilot project offering audio book downloads.
  E- books available at Rasmuson Library:

Early English Books Online: A digitized collection of classic early English works as they appeared in their original format. Includes works published in English from 1475-1700 in a variety of academic disciplines. Examples include works by Malory, Spenser, Bacon, Erasmus, Boyle, Newton, Galileo, and prayer books, pamphlets, almanacs and other primary resources. (For UAF affiliates only)

netLibrary: Scholarly, professional and reference full-text books from university and commercial publishers. (For UAF affiliates only)

The Online Books Page: A directory of books that can be freely read on the Internet, including an index of 16,000+ online books, pointers to significant directories and archives of online text, and special exhibits, e.g. women writers, banned books online and prize-winning books online.

Project Gutenberg: A collection of free online books.

Safari Tech Books Online: An online library that provides full-text access to a collection of information technology books. (Full-text access is for UAF affiliates only)

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  1. Can’t resist bragging a bit on my own unit. When you’re clicking on Project Jukebox, I suggest stopping in and looking around:
    Denali Mountaineering (pilots and mountain climbers tell thrilling tales, clickable map of climbing routes, and cool video, too)
    Climate Change Jukebox (happening sooner than you think)
    Community Health Aides (a great example of using oral history to document an important and largely unwritten about part of Alaskan history)
    Gileech’agarookhyaa Shro’: Don’t Forget the Past (a simple, but elegant collection of family photos from Arctic Village with commentary by Kenny and Caroline Frank, in English and Gwich’in)

    Comment by Robyn Russell :: August 30, 2007 @ 4:30 pm

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