#28 Try a New Web Browser

Other Ways to Search the Web

Most likely, you’ve used Internet Explorer to get around the web. However, different browsers offer features that perhaps you didn’t were missing! Try playing around with tabbed browsing in Mozilla Firefox: it allows you to open and switch between multiple web pages in one window. You could also use it to open all of your bookmarks in one folder, and then look at them in order (I use it to open Goldmine and the Journals List at the same time when I’m searching).

Using Opera, you can try downloading ‘widgets’. A widget is a software gadget: something that has a purpose, but is mostly for fun. Examples include a “spirograph” game or a global map of earthquake activity in the last week. Just follow either of the links below to download a different program.


Mozilla Firefox

Netscape Navigator

After you get a chance to try out one of these programs, why not blog about your experience and/or comment on someone’s blog about the browser?

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