#27 Grokker Search Engine

Grokker’s web-based, hosted solution, federates internal enterprise information, subscription content and public web services into an intuitive interface that facilitates information discovery and actionable research.

Groxis, a tech company based in San Francisco, CA has developed a web-based federated content access and visual search engine called Grokker.

The name Grokker is inspired by the 1961 Robert A. Heinlein science fiction classic “Stranger in a Strange Land,” in which Grok is a Martian word meaning literally ‘to drink’ and metaphorically ‘to be one with.’ To grok something is to understand something so well that it is fully absorbed into oneself. It is to look at every problem, opportunity, action, and point of view from any and all perspectives.

Alright, let’s begin to grok!

Discovery Exercise

  • Take a good look at Grokker.  Perform Grokker searches and compare your results with other search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Windows Live Search.

  • Play around with the different features available in Grokker:

Try emailing and exporting your search results.

Notice that there’s an outline view and a map view of your search results. Use both views. How do they compare and how do you like them as you select listings within the views?

Post at least one of your website results to del.ico.us. Also, try adding some results to your working list. You’ll notice you can bookmark and email your results, too.

  • Create a post in your blog about your Grokker experience.

Interesting information: Grokker partnered up with Ebsco Publishing in March 2006 to provide Visual Search to users of the EBSCOhost database platform.

Be patient while performing your Grokker searches!  Grokker will take a few seconds longer than a search engine because Grokker collects all the data before beginning the analysis and clustering process. The amount of time it takes can vary depending upon the number of sources the user selects and the number of desired results. Generally, results from across several sources are retrieved, organized, and presented within about 20 seconds.

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