#25 Google Labs/Google Base

Google Base is a useful tool for helping you create a more searchable item. Whether you are trying to sell a vase or web publish your scholarly article rent a room in your house Google Base will ask you for the keywords and information needed to make your searching easier.

Google Labs is the playground of ideas for Google, their beta site. You can find many different types of tools such as specialized browser tools, software to help organize your photographs, information . . .life? As well as some recently graduated tools that are now available to everyone such as Google Maps and Google video.


1. Learn more about Google Base, and perform some searches. You’ll find a bunch of interesting items posted!

2. Explore Google Labs and learn about some of the new ideas Google is exploring.

3. Create a post in your blog about your findings.


1. Create a Google account and post an item on Google Base and blog this experience.


2. Use one or two prototypes available on Google Labs and blog this experience.

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