#01 Blackboard

Please note: If you have password trouble with Blackboard, please contact the Help Desk. 474-6564.
If you find you are not yet enrolled in Blackboard’s Learning 2.0 “course,” please contact your department’s committee member listed on the introduction page.
If you must wait for a response, please feel free to move on to the next Learning 2.0 item; learning should be fun, not frustrating.

Blackboard is UAF’s online course management system. Instructors can use it to post assignments, tests, and other course information. Students can use it to submit assignments, take tests, and participate in online discussions.
You will be using Blackboard to track your Learning 2.0 progress and read about a few Learning 2.0 exercises.
Using Blackboard is easy; the most difficult part might be getting your password, but even that should only take a few minutes.

Your user-id should be the same as your e-mail address, usually something like fnxxx, fsxxx, or ffxxx. If you have not used Blackboard, your password should be your UA ID number followed by a capital “U.” Support contacts are listed on the main Blackboard page, and password reset information is on the login page.

Once you are logged in, you should see “Rasmuson Learning 2.0” Under “My Courses.” If you do not see this listed, please contact a committee member as mentioned above and continue on with another item for now.

From within the Rasmuson Learning 2.0 course, click on the “Assignments” button on the left.

The first option listed is “Track Your Learning 2.0 Progress.” As you finish Learning 2.0 items, you will use this to track your progress periodically. You can do as much of the tracking list as you want at one time, but when you are finished with the Learning 2.0 program, you must complete the list and submit it.

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