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Questions About the Move

We’ve had some great questions about the move. Here is the first, from Shana Loshbaugh:

In general, this makes sense.  I do, however, have some concerns.  Does this mean much of the material now in the BioScience Library will be purged?  Will the Mather Library still be closed evenings and weekends?  Can anything be done about the lack of parking near the Rasmuson?

And here are our answers:

Our intention is to preserve the BioSciences Library collection and move items to the location that best suits patrons. Library faculty and staff, led by Science Librarian Steven Hunt, will carefully review all items in the BioSciences collection over the next year. There are four possibilities for each item: (1) move to Mather Library; (2) move to Rasmuson Library; (3) move to storage, available within 24 hours; (4) if the item is out of date, a duplicate, or available in electronic form, it may be removed from the collection. The committee helping to guide the move will also be reviewing the whole list of items with their colleagues to ensure that we don’t miss something.

The Mather library hours are still under discussion. We’ll update this page as soon as they have been determined.

As for parking, that’s a great question for Parking Services (by phone at 907-474-PARK (7275) or 907-474-7384; by email uaf-parkingservices@alaska.edu ). Please note that as well as in front, parking is available in the Taku Lot, just behind the library.