Steven Hunt Begins as Science Librarian

Today Steven Hunt joined the Rasmuson Library staff as the Science Librarian. He will be working with the BioSciences move committee on the  transition of materials and services to the Keith B. Mather and Rasmuson libraries.

He will work with patrons wishing assistance with research other reference services. For assistance with inter-library loan and other such library services, contact Katherine O’Brien ( or Elizabeth Tahick ( After June 30, Katherine and Elizabeth will be at Rasmuson Library.

Steven’s office is in the Keith B. Mather Library, room 202C. He  can also be reached at (907) 474-1177 or


2 thoughts on “Steven Hunt Begins as Science Librarian

  1. I would like to reserve/rent a book from the BioScience Library. How would I do that?

    Thank you.


    1. Tiffany,

      Just as in the past, you can use the library catalog, The book will be at the Rasmuson Library, the Keith B. Mather Library or in a storage area where it can quickly be collected by library staff. The book will be available in either of the two libraries. If you would like help selecting materials, contact Science Librarian Steven Hunt, or 474-1177.

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