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Research Tools: The Catholic Church In Alaska

A Guide to Primary Resources in the Alaska & Polar Regions Collections, University of Alaska Fairbanks

The Catholic Church in Alaska


The Alaskan Shepherd. Fairbanks, AK: Diocese of Northern Alaska. Newsletter. Holdings: 1970 (vol. 8, no. 2)-present. Located in Alaska Periodicals.

Alaska Shepherd Photograph Collection, 1930s. 1 lin. ft. (460 photographs). Images of King Island ( Alaska), residents of the island, and Eskimo life and culture. Photographs attributed to Bernard R. Hubbard, S. J. Reprints of original photographs owned by the Catholic Diocese of Fairbanks.

Bibliography of the Catholic Church in Alaska, 1977. 0.5 lin. ft. Compiled by Louis L. Renner, S.J., this comprehensive bibliography contains nearly 3,000 entries and a subject index. Refers primarily to sources located in the Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus Archives held by Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA. Photocopy. (See below for microfilm copies of the Oregon Province records pertaining to Alaska).

Feltes, Brother George, Collection, 1929-ca. 1970s. 1 lin. ft. Photocopies of photographs, notes, news clippings, publications, and papers pertaining to Brother Feltes’s life in Alaska and his aviation achievements. The photographs, including extensive identifications and notes, of Brother Feltes, his associates, Copper Valley School, villagers from Holy Cross, and activities at Holy Cross Mission. Papers include his pilot and aircraft mechanics licenses, a narrative of early flying experiences, and a newsletter from Copper Valley School.

Hubbard, Father Bernard R., Photographs, 1920s-1930s. 0.5 lin. ft. (53 photographs). Images by or of Father Hubbard as he explored with his dog, Sparky, southeastern Alaska, the Aleutians, Kodiak Island, and the Valley of 10,000 Smokes. Subjects include persons, landscapes, geological points, and indigenous flowers of Alaska.

Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus Archives, 1886-1955. 112 reels of microfilm. Microfilmed copies of records from Jesuit missionary activities in Alaska. The materials include detailed accounts of activities in Alaska villages as well as documentation of Alaska Native and Northwest Indian languages. The collection includes four series, three with published finding aids: Alaska Mission Records (1980) and addendum (unpublished); Indian Language Collection: the Pacific Northwest Tribes (1976); Indian Language Collection: the Alaska Native Languages (1976). The original records are housed at Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington. (Finding aids filed under “Jesuits in Alaska”.)


Alaska Native Review Commission Collection, 1970s-1980s. Recordings pertaining to Catholic Church:

  • Emmonak Hearing, 1984. Father Astruc testifies.
  • Nome Hearing, undated. Father Carlin testifies.

Derendoff, Angeline (part of Gates of the Arctic National Park Collection), undated. Direndoff is interviewed by Wendy Arundale about her life, including many stories related to missions and the Catholic Church.

Here’s a Pioneer Collection, 1947. 15 min. interviews by Al Bramstedt of KFAR radio. Recordings pertaining to the Catholic Church:

  • Collins, E. B.
  • Clegg, Judge Cecil H.
  • Hess, Luther
  • LaFortune, Father Robert

Jesuit Missions in Alaska Collection (Brother Feltes Collection), 1980s. 7 interviews (46 tapes). Interviews by researcher Wendy Arundale with Brother George Feltes, Brother Francis Fox, Brother Edmund Anable, Sister Ida Brasseur, Brother George Carroll, Sister M. George Edmund, and Sister Margaret Cantwell about the Catholic Church in Alaska, particularly aspects related to the Jesuit Missions. Also contains one tape of Arundale’s notes concerning photos that may be deposited with the Jesuits Missions of Alaska Collection. Some restrictions.

Loyens, Father William (part of Faces of ’84 Collection), 1984. 2 tapes. Loyens is interviewed by Jean Lester about his life and career, including his time in Holy Cross and Nulato ( Alaska).

Loyens, Father William (part of On the Road Recording Old Timers-British Petroleum Collection), 1991. 1 tape. Loyens is interviewed by Margaret Van Cleve, including stories about Nulato, Kaltag, and St. Mary’s [mission?].

Ott, Martin (part of Pioneers of Alaska-Igloo #4 Collection), 1994. Ott is interviewed by Margaret Van Cleve, including memories of Holy Cross mission and Jesuit missionaries.

Renner, Father Louis (part of On the Road Recording Old Times-British Petroleum Collection), 1991. 1 tape. Renner is interviewed by Margaret Van Cleve about his life and career, including his time in Nome, King Island, and Fairbanks.

Solomon, Madeline (part of Elders in Residence Collection), 1986. 1 tape. Solomon speaks in Koyukon Athapascan and English, including a story about Father Jette.

Songs and Legends Collection, 1970s. Recordings pertaining to Catholic Church:

  • Peter, Pauline, 1972. 1 tape. Religious songs and prayers in Koyukon and English.
  • Peter, Vivian, 1973. 2 tapes. Interview by Poldine Carlo in Koyukon, including a story about Catholic Missions.
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