There are two types of reserves: electronic and hard copy.

  1. Electronic reserves are password protected and accessible online via your enrolled Blackboard course. Blackboard is available through your Google Apps login.
  2. Hard copy reserves: The Reserve desk houses personal hard copies of items as well as materials which are in high demand and/or short supply, and which have been designated by the instructor to be available for check out for limited periods of time (typically 2-72 hours). For information on how to put an item on reserve, see Placing Material on Reserve.

    Use the form below to search for hard copies reserves. Note if your instructor put reserves online, check your Blackboard course.

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Rasmuson Library Scanning Policy

The library offers a scanning service for any articles or chapters that instructors would like to put online for their students. 

A book chapter, or at most two, or an article may be scanned for an instructor’s use in his class. The .pdf file will be returned via your UA Google Mail account. The instructor is responsible for uploading the .pdf file to his classroom space. This library service is available for formal, scheduled, regularly occurring classes. U.S. Copyright law forbids the library from scanning a whole work, such as a whole book or magazine. If you are using large portions of a work, an original copy can be placed on regular reserve for students to check out from the library Circulation desk. The library cannot stream or upload a whole video for instructors. For help in including other different types of formats in your Blackboard space, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 474-8300. Please allow one week turnaround time.

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