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Elmer Rasmuson: A Life of Service

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Recreational Activities

"...sheep hunting is...addictive. You never give it up until the eyes grow dim and the legs falter" (Cole and Rasmuson, Vol. 2, 215).

Elmer Rasmuson enjoyed a variety of recreational activities. He was a member of several organizations, but his major interests were in aviation, hunting, and boating. EER used his aviation skills to reach remote hunting camps and fishing areas. He began pursuing sheep in 1950 and enjoyed the chase so much that in 1953 he achieved the "Grand Slam" for successfully hunting all four species of North American sheep.

"One of the great pleasures of my life is standing at the helm of the Nanook" (Cole and Rasmuson, Vol. 2, 211).

Another of Rasmuson's interests was sailing. He became actively involved in the sport when he lived in the East, and his enthusiasm for it continued throughout his life. One of the major attractions was the potential for fishing and crabbing, activities enjoyed by both EER and Mary Louise. Another advantage was the ease of visiting coastal bank branches.

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