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Price increase for lost/destroyed materials

Starting July 1st, the minimum price we charge for lost or destroyed materials will go up from $60 to $95.

Yes, this is a dramatic increase. However, the cost of academic titles for libraries has continued to rise since the lower fee was established; the current average book price is $92.73, over $20 higher than it was ten years ago -- and this doesn't even cover our local processing costs of staff time and materials.

If you have lost our materials, you may either:

  • Pay the $95 minimum or the current cost of the item's replacement, whichever is greater; OR
  • Provide us a replacement copy and pay a $20 processing fee. The replacement copy must be a duplicate of the copy lost (same publisher and edition). Replacements must be approved by our Collection Development librarian before we accept them. We suggest you talk with library staff before purchasing a new copy.

This does not apply to lost or damaged Media equipment, for which patrons will be charged the cost of the equipment's replacement. The charge to replace archival videos remains at $25.

This page was last modified on June 20, 2018