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New! <NN> Cannery History Project Jukebox

Check out our newest oral history project, the <NN> Cannery History Project Jukebox.

<NN> Cannery Project Jukebox

This oral history project highlights stories of people associated with the 127-year-old <NN> Cannery in South Naknek, Alaska. The <NN> Cannery is situated on the south-side of the Naknek River, one of the five major rivers that constitute the Bristol Bay salmon fishery—Alaska’s largest and most sustainable commercial fishery. APA assigned the cannery the initials, NN, possibly for NakNek, and drew a diamond around the cannery abbreviations—hence, APA’s well-known trademark: “the diamond canneries.” The <NN> Cannery functioned almost continually between 1895 and 2015, and for over a century served as the centerpiece of the Bristol Bay salmon fishery.

Men working the end of the can line, 1950s. AMRC-b85-27-1018. Wien Collection. Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center


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