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Library registration now automatic-- No more paper forms

Great news! Library patrons no longer need to complete paper forms to register to use the library! 

The PolarExpress ID card for all students, staff and faculty now function as the user’s library card for the Rasmuson and Mather libraries as well as all other University of Alaska libraries. The library card function takes effect the day after you are entered into Banner as an enrolled student or an active employee. Your address, phone number and other details are updated the day after you update them in Banner (via UAOnline).

Banner is the University of Alaska’s student and employee database system.

This integration is a step toward aligning policies so that the UA library system will present a welcoming, collegial face to students, staff and faculty regardless of the campus they are associated with. This includes online students, adjunct professors and emeritus faculty.

By no longer collecting and managing paper forms, we’re better able to protect user privacy and less likely to introduce errors by transcribing user data into the library system — plus, we save time and money. Users can present their UA ID card (Wolf/Whale/PolarExpress) to check materials out from any UA library or more than 70 libraries across Alaska.

Most UA library users won’t notice the change; however, some users may find that they now have more than one account in the library system: one associated with UA and one with another Alaska library. UA library accounts are updated daily and will be deactivated once the user leaves the university (unless there are outstanding checkouts or bills). Please note that any changes to library user contact information should be made by the user in UAOnline.

Please contact Paul Adasiak, public services coordinator, at if you have questions about this change.

This page was last modified on August 26, 2019