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Community Health Aide Program Project Jukebox

The Rasmuson Library Oral History Program is pleased to announce completion of a modernized Community Health Aide Program Project Jukebox.

In 2005 and 2006, Karen Brewster conducted oral history interviews with some of the early community health aides, physicians and medical trainers around Alaska and put the interviews and related historic photographs and film online as the Community Health Aide Program Project Jukebox. The interviews include discussions about the development and administration of the community health aide program, challenges of providing health care in your home community with little to no training or pay, and personal experiences with treating patients, delivering babies, or responding to accidents or critical cases.

Most of the early health aides were Native women, with many of their children following in their footsteps to become healthcare professionals. As Carolyn Craig, Director of the Community Health Aide Program said:

“These are wonderful interviews! My Mother and Mother-in-law were interviewed, Ella Craig, MSW and Rose Winkelman, CHP! They are both deceased now but loved listening to their stories with the grandkids. They lived wonderful and productive lives right to the last…Mom was 98 and Rose 92. We are all very appreciative of the work you did, thank you!”

The Community Health Aide Program Project Jukebox offers a history of the program through personal stories that we hope will inspire young people to pursue healthcare careers and will create deeper appreciation for the valuable service health aides provide.


This page was last modified on March 18, 2021