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UAF students, staff, and faculty can now enter the library to pick out or to return their own materials, accessing the library by PolarExpress card.

Public library patrons can again place holds on our materials through the public library's catalog. Items can be picked up at the Noel Wien Library or the North Pole Branch.

University patrons who are reluctant to enter the library can still check materials out by appointment. Set an appointment to pick up items.

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Online Subscription Databases vs. Web Sites

If your instructor has requested that you not use Internet or web sources, you may want to clarify what they mean. A majority of the library's resources are subscription-based databases/indexes that are accessed via the Internet. Almost half of our books are now provided in electronic format as well, so if you're restricting your search to printed books or journals only, you're missing a lot of good content.

Subscription Databases

Subscription databases consist of published journals, magazines, reports, documents, newspapers, books, image collections, and more. Most of these databases are available via the Internet, and a few are available within the library on DVD or CD-ROM.

Libraries subscribe and provide access to these resources for their patrons. Subscription databases are not freely available to the public. The UAF Rasmuson Library contracts with vendors, such as EBSCO, Proquest and others, to provide journals that meet specific collection criteria. When you search one of these databases, you are not searching the web; you're searching material that is the equivalent of what you used to find on a library shelf in print format. The UAF Libraries' Resources by Subject page provides access to these subscription databases. These databases provide easy access to many scholarly, technical, and professional journals, spanning all disciplines.

  • When you search for articles in a subscription database, articles that appear in full-text may also appear in printed format. For example, if you search the Proquest database New York Times Book Review you'll be able to retrieve articles online; the library may also have some of these articles in print.


  • Resources in subscription databases are easily identifiable by their citation information.

    • For journals: author, title of article, title of journal, volume and issue number, date, and page numbers.
    • For books: author, title, place of publication, name of publisher, and date.

Internet or Web Sources

Internet sources include web sites of businesses, organizations, government agencies, universities and individuals.

Most web sites are publicly accessible for free. Access to copyrighted information, however, may still be limited or available via subscription only. Many sites also provide access to quality information; while many sites contain misleading or false information. Web sites are inexpensive to create and may have been created by anyone with any level of expertise.

  • In most cases, there is no editorial or peer-review process for web pages. This means reliability of web pages is not dependable.
  • Internet sources are accessible via Internet search engines. Search engines use programs such as spiders, robots (bots), webcrawlers, etc. to search for terms in web pages and store them in a database. It is important to note that all search engines do not search in the same manner, or search the same material, and may rank hits differently. Ranking may depend on how many times or where your term(s) appear in the page or whether a fee has been paid to rank the page prominently. Therefore, careful evaluation of web resources is essential.

Be sure to read Evaluating Information Resources for information on evaluating information resources.

This page was last modified on October 15, 2018