Library Catalog - Basic Searching

This reading reviews the Basic Search screen of the Library Catalog, specifically Using Limiters for Basic Searches, and Search Operators in the Library Catalog.

Using Limiters for Basic Searches

The Collections Limiter

The default search for the Library Catalog is set to search all libraries participating in the Alaska Library Catalog (ALC). 
Default search searches all libraries participating in the Alaska Library Catalog

If you're just looking for an item at UAF change the All Collections dropdown to UAF Fairbanks Campus Libraries.

The UAF Fairbanks Campus Libraries limiter will search:

  • Rasmuson Library and the BioSciences collection
  • Keith Mather Library (the GI library)
  • ANLA (the Alaska Native Language Archives)
  • Museum Herbarium

Just looking for something at UAF? Select UAF Fairbanks campus libraries from the drop down menu

The Fields Limiter

Use the Fields limiter to limit your search by Title, Author, Subject and more.

If you're not sure of the title or author of the item, we recommend leaving this limiter to All Fields.

Fields Limiter in the Library Catalog

Search Operators in the Library Catalog

  • The Library Catalog automatically searches for all words you type in the search box (for the basic search). You do not need to type the word AND.
  • You cannot use the Boolean operator OR when searching the Library Catalog.
  • To exclude a term from your search, you must search using the Advanced Search page.

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This page was last modified on May 7, 2018