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Interlibrary Loan Lending Policies

Who may borrow | Responsibilities of Borrower | Sending a Request | What can we send | Loan Periods and Renewal Policies | Shipping Methods and Fees | Charges | Damaged item fees, overdues, and lost items

Who may borrow from us

All domestic and international libraries, including university, college, public, private, corporate, school, and village libraries may borrow from us using ILL. Interlibrary loan is a transaction between institutions, not individuals. Persons who locate items they wish to borrow from us, will need to contact their local library and request the items through the interlibrary loan office there.

Responsibilities of the Borrower

In accordance with ALA guidelines, the borrowing library is responsible for the item from the time it leaves our library until its been returned and checked back in, including loss and damage. We make every effort to package our items securely and to send by a fast, reliable method. The borrowing library is also responsible for following any restrictions we may place on an item.

How to send us a request

We will accept ILL requests from other libraries, corporations, and institutions via OCLC and from our online request form.

What can we send?

While we try to fill every request possible, we do not lend the following items: Periodicals, newspaper microfilm, reference, maps, rare books, and archival material.

We do lend government documents and microfiche, videos, films, music CDs, and thesis and dissertations, in addition to regular books. Although we generally lend most items from the Alaska Collection, we reserve the right not to send items if their condition, rarity, or value are of concern.

Libraries wishing to borrow microfilm reels of Alaska newspapers are encouraged to contact the Alaska State Library.

Loan Periods and Renewal Policy

Rasmuson Library is now checking out all items for 60 days (USA) and 90 days (International). Even though the due date has been extended for mailing please use the following loan periods for your patrons.

Books / Thesis /Fiche 4 weeks from date received

Video / Film / CD 1 week from date received

Shipping Methods and Fees

We prefer to ship all copies via Ariel or fax, and do not charge extra for either service. We use USPS Priority rate. We can send FedEx only if the borrower's account is charged. We ask that libraries return items via First Class mail or better, (library rate to and from Alaska takes approximately 4-8 weeks). We suggest using Delivery Confirmation or tracked delivery if you are concerned about materials getting lost.

Whom do we charge? How much do we charge?

We do not charge the following libraries for ILL-Services: International, Canadian, Alaska libraries and members of, LVIS, BCR, AM/BCR, formal reciprocal agreements, and all other libraries who do not charge us per their stated policy.We prefer OCLC IFM for all charges, and charge a $10 fee for invoicing in addition to the ILL fees. We welcome reciprocal agreements. Please contact our lending technician if you have any questions.

Damaged item fees, overdues, and lost items

We charge repair costs for items that cannot be repaired in-house. The amount is determined on a case-by-case basis. Items which are at "returned" status in OCLC will be given at least two months to appear before we issue an invoice for lost items. Our item replacement fee is a minimum of $60. We will try to contact the borrower to see if there are special circumstances before we send an invoice. Please do not send a replacement check until we send you a numbered university invoice.

This page was last modified on October 22, 2014