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The author is the person(s) or corporate body responsible for the intellectual content of the item. It is the person or body that is responsible for creating the item. This means that editors, corporations, government agencies, or meetings can also be considered authors. Some items have more than one author. If you know any author of the item you need, you would use that as your access point. Most catalogs do not require that the last name be entered first, and you don't need to include any punctuation. The catalog is not case sensitive, so you can use either upper or lower case characters.

"Crichton Michael" or "Arctic Science Conference"

In the Library Catalog, you can Keyword search for an author or Browse for an author.

To Keyword search for an Author in the Library Catalog:

  1. Type the name of the Author in the 'author' text box (in any order).
  2. Click the Search button.


To Browse for an Author in the Library Catalog:

  1. Click BROWSE (located to the right of the Power Search box).

2.  In the Browse on box, type the name you want to browse (lastname firstname).

  • To limit the search to the UAF campus at Fairbanks, use the library drop-down arrow to select UAF - Rasmuson Library.

3.  Click on the author button.

A list of results that match or most closely match your term(s) is displayed.

Browse Example

The following screens show a search for books written by William Schneider.

Type william schneider  and click on the author button. Typing can be done in upper or lower case: the catalog is not "case sensitive."

The results of the search is an alphabetical list of authors (seen below). The author you want is second in the list below. The search results indicate that 20 titles were located for William Schneider. Click on the second entry to review these records.



Each record (see below) contains the title, author, and publication date . The total number of copies of the item in the catalog and which libraries own a copy is noted below the author. To the left is a link to Details of the item. Details contain the complete bibliographic record. In order to get an item's call number, click the Details button. The Keep button allows you to mark records for printing later.



To view the complete bibliographic record, click on the Details button on the left.

Let's look at the record for item number #6, The Life I've Been Living. Click Details for item number #6 (you may need to scroll down).

goldmine-authorcatalogrecord_tabs.gif The Item Information tab and Catalog Record tab display different information. Let's look at the Item Information tab first.

This section of the record displays:

  • the title (The life I've been living)
  • the author (Cruikshank, Moses)
  • the author's year of birth (1906)
  • the publisher and location of publisher
  • the publication date (1986)
  • the number of pages (132)
  • the ISBN number (a unique identifier...this is NOT the call number)
  • Copy info (how many copies are available and in which library)

This section of the record shows the HOLDINGS information for each library that owns a copy of the book. This information includes:

  • the name of the library
  • the call number of the book
  • the number of books the library owns
  • the location of the book or a message indicating the book is charged out.

Let's look at the HOLDINGS information for the first library.

  • the name of the library is: UAF - Rasmuson Library
  • the call number of the book is: F909.C89 1986
  • UAF owns 3 copiesof this book:
    • Book 1 is located on Level 2 in the Alaska collection
    • Book 2 is located on Leve 2 in the Alaska collection
    • Book 3 has been charged out and is due back 2/23/2006



After looking at all of this information, notice that the name 'William Schneider' does not appear.  Click the Catalog Record tab to view the entire record.



In the Catalog Record William Schneider is listed as one of several authors and appears next to the field named Added author.



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