See our Library Services Updates page for information about changes to Rasmuson Library Services.

UAF students, staff, and faculty can now enter the library to pick out or to return their own materials, accessing the library by PolarExpress card.

Public library patrons may check materials out by appointment from Rasmuson Library. Set up an appointment to pick up items.

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Finding Reserves

For Electronic Reserves

  • Instructors can put up electronic reserves on their Blackboard site. You will need your UAF Google Apps login to access your Blackboard classroom space.

For Hard Copy Reserves 

Search the library catalog for hard copy reserves. You can search by instructor, course number, or course name. Note, these materials are not accessible online, to pick them up go to library indicated in the record (e.g., Rasmuson or BioSciences library).

  1. Connect to the Library Catalog.
  2. Click Reserves (near the top of the page).
  3. Searching for reserves:
    • To search by instructor:
      type instructor's the last name in the Search For field and click the Instructor button.
    • To search by course ID:
      type the course ID in the Search For field with a space between the course abbreviation and course number and click the Course ID button.
      For example, LS 101 (not LS101) will search for Library Science 101 materials, regardless of instructor.
    • To search by course name:
      type the course name in the Search For field and click the Course Name button.
      For example, Library Information and Research will find materials for LS 101 classes.
    • If your search has no exact matches, a list of possible instructors or courses is displayed. Click on the instructor or course name until you get a list of items for your course.
      Note the call number displayed above the title and the location and availability displayed below the title.
  4. If you don't find what you are looking for, you can click on Go Back and try another search.
This page was last modified on May 21, 2013