How do I know if Rasmuson Library owns the journal I need?

Determining whether or not Rasmuson owns a specific journal can sometimes be confusing. To find out if Rasmuson owns a specific journal, we recommend you search in two places: the UAF Journal List and Library Catalog. Also, you can always email or call us at (907) 474-7482 and we'll be glad to help.

  1. The first place to search for a journal title is the UAF Journal List. If we own the journal electronically, you'll see one or more links to databases that contain an abstract or full text. For example, if you search for the journal Civil War History, you'll get the following results:

    The first three titles (Humanities Full Text through Project Muse) are databases Rasmuson library currently subscribes to. The year next to the database shows what year the subscription is for. For example, for Humanities Full Text and Omni Full Text we own electronic access for years 1998-2008; and for Project Muse we have access to issues between 1978 - the present.

  2. The second place to search is the Library Catalog using the Periodical Title limiter.
    In the search above, you see the text: "Rasmuson Library Paper currently received - For holdings information see Library Catalog."

    This means that not only does Rasmuson have an electronic access to certain volumes of the journal, but we also have a paper access. If you search the Library Catalog and use the "periodical title" field, you'll eventually see that Rasmuson owns paper copies of this journal from 1993-2012.

    • When searching the Library Catalog for a journal, search for the Title of the journal (not the title of the article).
    • Use the drop down selector to choose Periodical Title.


This page was last modified on January 9, 2016