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How do I order prints/scans of photographs from the archives?

Below are links to download and print the forms you need to fill out for ordering and using photographs.

You can either mail them in, or scan and send them to us via email. We don't process the photo orders until we receive the paperwork and payment. The quickest option is to email the forms and call with credit card info (which we shred after processing the order), but you may certainly mail your paperwork and a check if you'd like. University of Alaska Fairbanks orders can be paid by JV number.

  1. To order photographs, read and fill out a Statement of Intended Use form.
  2. There will likely be associated fees with your print or scan order. Review the following to understand our fee schedules:

For any questions regarding the process and/or paperwork contact the reference archivists.

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This page was last modified on January 6, 2020