Downloading eBooks to your Kobo

  • You can transfer PDF and ePub formats to your Kobo.
  • Before you can transfer EBL & ListenAlaska ePub e-books from your computer to your Kobo Adobe Digital Editions must be installed on your computer and you must have and Adobe ID.

To transfer e-books to your Kobo:

  1. Connect your Kobo to your computer by plugging in the USB.
  2. Open Adobe Digital Editions on your computer and if prompted, click Authorize Device and then Finished
    Click Authorize Device
  3. Once authorized, you can drag e-Books from the Adobe Digital Editions library to your Kobo.
    Drag books in your Adobe Digital Editions Library to your KOBOReader
  4. Safely eject your Kobo from your computer.
  5. On your Kobo, navigate to your library and click on the title of the book you want to read.
This page was last modified on November 30, 2014