Kindle Touch

The Kindle Touch allows you to email PDF files to the device. You can also access Kindle format books from ListenAlaska.

Setting Up Your Kindle Touch to Email PDFs

  1. After turning on your Kindle Touch, click Menu => Device Options => Personalize your Kindle
  2. Note the email address under the Send-to-Kindle E-mail section. This is the email address you will use to email PDF documents to your Kindle Touch.

You can save PDF files from many of our databases and email these files to your Kindle Touch using the noted email.

Transfering ListenAlaska Books to the Kindle Touch

  • Before you can transfer books to your Kindle Touch, you must have an email account.
  1. Using your computer, go to ListenAlaska and sign in.
  2. Click Advanced Search
  3. Select Kindle Book from the All Formats drop down, and check Show only titles with copies available.
  4. Search for a book by title, author, or subject and click Search.
  5. Select a book to transfer by clicking a book cover.
  6. Look at the available formats in the upper right corner. If the Kindle Format is USB only, you won't be able to transfer the book directly to your device.
  7. Click Borrow.
  8. Check Kindle Book from the Download options and click Confirm & Download.
  9. The site should open in a new window.
  10. Click Get library book and sign into your account.
  11. Choose the Kindle device or reading application where you want to read the book, and click Continue.
  12. The book will transfer to your Kindle Touch when it's connected to the Internet. Note you can also download the file to your computer and transfer it via USB.


This page was last modified on April 21, 2013