Materials Deselection Policy

UAF Rasmuson Library Materials Deselection Policy 5/27/2009

Rationale: The UAF Libraries endeavor to maintain a current and relevant collection for its users, including strong collections in specific areas to support UAF curriculum and research programs, and as agreed upon in consortial sharing arrangements within the state of Alaska. The libraries should evaluate collections regularly, deselecting items in order to make space available for more relevant works, and replacing outdated materials. Careful de-acquisition allows the library to ensure that the collection is not static, while still retaining older materials of lasting value. Materials contributing to on-going research efforts should be retained or updated, and judicious selection of materials to be "weeded" should be made on an on-going basis.

Method: Items to be withdrawn will be selected by subject liaisons or the Collection Development Officer. Items selected for withdrawal will be reviewed by at least one other librarian or liaison, or by a subject specialist from a UAF department selected by the Collection Development Officer, before going through the physical deacquisition process. Items will be searched in OCLC World Cat before holdings are removed, to ensure that UAF is not the sole remaining holder and to ensure that copies of significant works are retained in the library’s collection; duplicates or extra editions of these works may be withdrawn.

Deselection Criteria:

  • Duplicates
  • Superseded textbooks, handbooks, and reference books, or those whose content is dated or obsolete
  • Older materials on non-academic, more "popular" topics
  • Any book of low relevance and value for the UAF user community
  • Items in extremely poor physical condition without hope of repair; some items may be replaced after being withdrawn
  • Materials showing minimal use, and little usefulness to the programs of UAF's user community
  • Materials showing little use that are held by many other institutions

Disposal of Superseded Materials: Library materials that are withdrawn from the collection will be made available for purchase to the general public in the library’s on-going book sale. A price sheet will be posted at the book sale location.

Items that are not sold at the library’s book sale may be donated to other libraries or non-profit organizations.

When cost-effective, the library will attempt to identify other libraries or non-profit institutions which may be able to take materials that still have value, but which for various reasons have been removed from the Rasmuson Library collection.

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