Determining if Rasmuson Library Offers Access to a Journal

Determining if Rasmuson Library Offers Access to a Journal
In this tutorial you’ll learn where to search to see if Rasmuson Library subscribes to a specific journal.
A common question at the reference desk is “do we have access to this journal?”
To answer this question we’ll look in two places.
The UAF Journals List and the UAF Rasmuson Library Catalog.
To access the UAF Journals List start at the library homepage and click the Journals Title tab.
Type in the name of the journal your looking for and click Search.
In this example we were looking for Journal of Veterinary Medicine.
The results show we have electronic access from 2011 to the present.
The second place to search to see if we have access to a periodical is the Library Catalog accessible from the home page.
From the homepage click the Books (Library Catalog) tab, and type the title of the journal you’re looking for in the search box. Change the drop down to periodical title and click Go.
So, what’s the difference?
The UAF Journals List offers electronic access to journals to which the library currently subscribes.
The UAF Library Catalog contains holdings information for journals the library owns electronically, but also in print.
In review, search the UAF Journals List to see if we have electronic access to a journal.
Search the Library Catalog to see if we have access to the journal in print.
The end.


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