Choosing Library Databases to Access Scholarly Articles

Choosing Library Databases to Access Scholarly Articles
In this tutorial you’ll learn how to select library databases that contain scholarly journal articles and that are related to your topic.
UAF Rasmuson Library subscribes to a variety of databases.
Databases are online systems containing different types of information such as eBooks, streaming video and audio, and periodical articles.
In this tutorial we’ll focus on databases containing periodical articles and show you how to use limiters to search for scholarly journal articles.
To access library databases start at the library homepage and click the Articles & Databases tab.
Then click Subject Guides.
The Subject Guides page lists different categories.
When looking for databases related to your topic you’ll want to click the category on this page that is closest to your research topic.
For example, my research question is how does listening to music while studying affect learning?
I know that learning has to do with education, so I click the Education category.
On the next page you’ll see a list of different types of resources pertaining to the subject you selected.
To access databases containing journal articles from the Articles tab, look under the Best Bets for Finding Articles section.
Databases contain different types of material.
So you’ll still need to determine if the item you find is an article in a scholarly journal.
Some databases such as Academic Search Premier have an option you can check that limits your search to scholarly articles.
Note even after checking this box you’ll still need to evaluate items retrieved to verify they are scholarly.
Another database that lets you use limiters to search for scholarly articles are databases provided by the vendor called ProQuest.
ProQuest has an option that limits results to peer reviewed articles.
Databases such as JSTOR and ScienceDirect contain mostly scholarly articles but you’ll need to use the database limiters to search for journal articles, as opposed to books and other material.
In review access library databases from the library website by clicking the Subject Guides link.
On the Subject Guides page choose the subject that is related to your research topic.
Use database limiters to limit items to scholarly journal articles.
Evaluate articles retrieved to determine if not only they are relevant to your topic, but also they are scholarly.
The end.


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