Using Quotation Marks in Searches


Using Quotation Marks in Searches
In this tutorial you’ll learn when to use quotation marks in searches.
Most library databases, library catalogs, and even Google allow you to search using quotation marks to signify an “exact phrase”.
Let’s say you’re searching for information about the old-time race horse named Flight of time.
You type into Google Flight of Time.
The results returned are not what you expected.
The top hits are for time of flight and there are over four hundred million results.
You add the word horse to your search.
Your results are somewhat better. There are over eighty million hits. But Google brings back results that are about the book entitled Flight of the Horse.
Not the racing horse Flight of Time.
To fine tune your search you put quotation marks around the phrase “Flight of Time”.
This time you get over one million hits and the results are much more relevant to what you’re looking for—the horse named Flight of Time.
In review, use quotation marks to search for exact phrases in Google, the library catalog, and library databases.
The end.


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