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Russell Knapp Papers

Our indexer, Dee has finished describing the Russell Knapp Papers which we have put online in Alaska’s Digital Archives.  Here’s what she has to say:

This collection was mostly about the Beluga.  No, not the Arctic marine mammal kind, but of the inflatable nylon dome kind.  Let me explain.

The Beluga was an inflatable nylon dome built on the UAF campus in the late 1960s and was used for hockey in the winter and tennis in the summer, and over half of the pictures in this collection show the construction and completion of this funky dome structure.

Oblong dome.

Oblong dome.

The other half of the collection consists of photos of the UAF campus, people swimming and playing hockey, and this photo here that I’m incredibly fond of.  I really do appreciate a good ‘fro.

Bert Perry in dorm room at UA campus.

Bert Perry in dorm room at UA campus.

Harold M. Snyder Photographs

Our indexer, Ulyana has finished describing the Harold M. Snyder Photographs collection which we have put online in Alaska’s Digital Archives.  Here’s what she has to say:

Harold Snyder in lab office, detachment 1058. Point Barrow, 1945.

Harold Snyder in lab office, detachment 1058. Point Barrow, 1945.

Gift of Sharon Arthurs, Stephen Snyder, and Sandra Williams, Harold M. Snyder Photographs depict Barrow and Point Barrow in 1945-1946. Harold M. Snyder was a U.S. Navy photographer during World War II. According to the 1943 letter verifying Harold Mervin Snyder’s military service, he “was attached to the 24th Naval Constr [Construction] Bn [Battalion] during its participation with the combined forces of the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps in the capture and occupation of Rendova and Munda, New Georgia, B.S.I.” The South Pacific joint military campaign of the Allies was directed against Japanese forces that captured New Georgia in 1942. The Harold M. Snyder Photographs depict Detachment 1058, its sailing abroad USS Spica from Portland to Barrow, its Point Barrow headquarters, buildings, daily activities, and celebrations. On his way to Barrow, Harold M. Snyder paused to take photos of Dutch Harbor, a harbor on Amaknak Island in Unalaska attacked by the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1942.

Dutch Harbor on way to Point Barrow.

Dutch Harbor on way to Point Barrow.

Oral History Curator Leslie McCartney gives presentation tonight!

The Tanana Yukon Historical Society


The 2nd program of the 2015-2016 Season

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

7 p.m.

Pioneer Hall at Pioneer Park

“Project Jukebox”

Presenter: Leslie McCartney

Alaska’s oral history has been actively captured on topics ranging from mushing, to the railroads, pioneer aviators, and beyond.
How can YOU find that information?  Whose stories have been captured? 
Where can YOU access those oral histories, in print, or on the Internet? 
Join us at this presentation and see how you can learn more about Alaska’s history – from real Alaskans.  McCartney will talk about “Project Jukebox” and the hundreds of statewide interviews deposited there.
Leslie McCartney has been Curator of Oral History at the UAF’s Rasmuson Library since early 2013.  Trained as an anthropologist, she has been actively seeking, recording, and researching oral histories in Canada, England, Ireland, and the United States since 2000.
* * * *
For more information about this and other lectures sponsored by the Tanana Yukon Historical Society, please call 488-3383, or e-mail
All TYHS events are free and open to the public.
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Dorothy Jean Ray Papers available!

From Lisa Morris, Processing Assistant:

The Dorothy Jean Ray Papers contain autobiographical information, correspondence, notes, manuscripts, publications, research files, microfilm, slides, photographs and negatives.  The bulk of the papers are research files that Ray collected as material to use for her many publications and/or because the topic was of interest to her.  Ray (1919-2007) was the author of eight books and around ninety professional papers on the art and ethnohistory of primarily the Inupiaq and Yupik Eskimo.


Thiscollection can be accessed in the Paul H. McCarthy Research Room, hours available here:

Presentation tonight!

Recording Sound Through the Ages: Oct. 26 at 7:00pm

  • Recording Sound Through the AgesMonday, October 26, 2015 at 7 p.m.
  • Research Room, Level Two, Rasmuson Library
  • Free and open to the public

Steve Hormann, UAF journalism student and Archives volunteer, will discuss the evolution of sound recording from reel-to-reel to today’s digital formats, and demonstrate old sound recording equipment.

Leslie McCartney, Oral History Curator and Robyn Russell Collection Manager, Oral History Program will explain the Oral History program, where staff do everything from recording interviews to preserving and digitizing recordings in the collection. Recordings from the collection will be presented.

For more information: or 907-474-7737

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C.W. Scarborough Photographs

Our indexer, Dee has finished describing the C.W. Scarborough Photographs which we have put online in Alaska’s Digital Archives.  Here’s what she has to say:

Basically, Wow, is what I have to say.  And Beauty Abounds.  This little collection of 44 images is beautiful – mostly, beautiful faces and beautiful scenery.

Portrait of woman in a fancy parka

Portrait of woman in a fancy parka

Geographic Harbor

Geographic Harbor

See what I’m saying?  Yeah.

Sadly, the main photographer of this collection, Charles W. Scarborough’s last days and last work were captured through these photos as he was lost and presumed dead in 1923, failing to return from a hunting trip and re-board the Duxbury, the boat he sailed upon while on a trading voyage to the east of Point Barrow.

Scarborough with cameras on tripods

Scarborough with cameras on tripods



Harry Heins Photograph Album

Harry Heins

Harry Heins

Our indexer, Ulyana has finished describing the Harry Heins Photograph Album which we have put online in Alaska’s Digital Archives.  Here’s what she has to say:

This collection documents the building of the Canol Highway, which connected Norman Wells, Northwest Territories, to Whitehorse, Yukon. Built during World War II, the Canadian Oil or Canol Road and pipeline supplied fuel for the construction of the Alcan Highway. The album features local scenery, road construction camps and crews, and materials and equipment. The photographs offer a unique glimpse into the building of the Canol Highway as witnessed by a road construction worker.

Tracked vehicles

Tracked vehicles

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