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New Online: Tishu V. Ulen collection

The Tishu V. Ulen Collection consists of documents and photographs from Wiseman, Alaska, and surrounding areas dating to the early 1900s. Individuals and locations in the images are nearly all identified, making the collection a useful tool for research on the region. The documents in the collection include the daily logs of the post office in Wiseman, hotel registers, financial records, listings of boat arrivals and departures, and other miscellaneous materials.

Tishu, written as “Dishu,” appears as a person in Robert Marshall’s book about Wiseman, titled “Arctic Village.” She is portrayed in a number of photographs in the book, as are her children, her mother and her half-brother, Bill English. For further information, check the Rasmuson Library online catalog; there are a number of interviews with Tishu Ulen in the Oral History collection.

Tishu V. Ulen Collection

New Online: Northern Mining and Trading Company, Schooner Casco Photograph Collection

These 45 photographs focus on the Bering Strait region. The images include scenes from King Island and Little Diomede Island, and views from the Siberian side. Many of the photographs depict the “Casco” before and after it wrecked.

Northern Mining and Trading Company, Schooner Casco Photograph Collection

New Online: Roger Kaye Photograph Collection

This photograph collection consists of Kaye’s portraits of bush residents throughout Interior and Northern Alaska. The photographs are well identified.

As a person whose life encompasses an uncommon combination of government service and environmental activism, Roger has spent more than 30 years serving the public lands in Alaska. He spent a year with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, following that with work at the US Fish and Wildlife Service as a Wilderness Specialist and pilot.

Roger Kaye Photograph Collection

New Online: Abraham and Lula Meinzer photograph collection

The Abraham and Lula Meinzer Photograph Collection consists of 46 photographs and real-photo postcards depicting cabins, people, hydraulic mining activities, animals, and dog teams, in the Seventymile River and Eagle region of Interior Alaska.

Abraham H. Meinzer (b. 1872) came to Alaska from Sandusky, Ohio, in the spring of 1898 to try his hand at mining. Through at least 1914 he lived in Eagle, Alaska, and mined in the Seventymile River region. Some time between 1910 and 1920 he married Lula J. Meyers (1876-1968) of Ohio, where the couple eventually settled.

The collection includes several postcards of photos by C. L. Andrews.

Abraham and Lula Meinzer photograph collection

New Online: Howard J. Thompson — Jessen’s Weekly Photograph Collection

The Thompson photograph collection contains 41 black and white photographs, mostly of the interior of the “Jessen’s Weekly” printing plant.

The photographs were taken in April of 1954 by Jim Ogden who was stationed with Howard J. Thompson in the 449th Fighter Squadron at Ladd Field.

Jessen’s Weekly was published from 1942 to 1968.

Howard J. Thompson — Jessen’s Weekly Photograph Collection.

New Online: Ernie Carter Photographs

The Ernie Carter Photographs collection consists of 114 color slides of Alaskan scenes (wildlife, flora, landscapes, Aurora Borealis, Eskimos, etc.). Ernie Carter, who owned and operated a photo and camera shop in Fairbanks, Alaska, sold these images commercially.

Ernie Carter Photographs

New Online: Albert H. Dickey Photograph Collection

The collection consists of 42 photographs and brief descriptions, taken during an archaeological dig in Fairbanks. Photographs depict fossils, artifacts, rock and soil formations, gold mining operations and equipment, and landscapes. Persons depicted include Jack Dorsh, Archie Roosevelt, Walter Sullivan, Albert Dickey, and Louis Giddings.

Albert H. Dickey Photograph Collection

New Online: Doris Stephan Photograph Collection

The Stephan collection consists of 105 photographs of street scenes, buildings, dog teams, bridges, animals, landscapes, aircraft, people, and aerial views. Views include construction, the sternwheeler “Aksala”, Camp Aehnder, and quonset huts.

Howard T. Ryan, collector of Doris Stephan Photograph Collection, was born in the Bronx, New York, on April 25, 1906 and died in Florida on February 24, 1962. He worked in Alaska on construction projects from 1943 through 1944.

Doris Stephan Photograph Collection

New Online: Candace Waugaman Collection, Fairbanks Area Bars, 1959

Fairbanks area bars photographs include 9 color prints (taken from slides) with images of Fairbanks area bars, the Golden Days parade, the Fairbanks airport, and Santa Claus House.

The Candace Waugaman Collection consists of historical manuscripts, memorabilia, ephemera, and photographs. The bulk of the materials relate to the history of the Fairbanks region; however, parts of the collection relate to events around Alaska as a whole and to the history of the Yukon Territory.

Candace Waugaman has been a resident of Alaska since the late 1960s. She has collected Alaskan and Yukon memorabilia for many years.  Waugaman is a real estate broker, serves as a volunteer and board member for several Fairbanks non-profit agencies, has been the secretary for the Tanana-Yukon Historical Society, served as President of the Alaska Historical Society, and has helped organize the International Symposium on Mining.

Fairbanks Area Bars, 1959

New Online: Gladys Rafter Photograph Collection

The Rafter collection consists of 1 album of 19 photographs, primarily of Anchorage scenes. There are also a few images from elsewhere in Alaska, including a photograph taken on the set of the film “The Cheechakos.”

This collection has been de-accessioned from the Alaska & Polar Regions Collections.
Regretfully, we had to remove it from Alaska’s Digital Archives.