New Online: Tishu V. Ulen collection

The Tishu V. Ulen Collection consists of documents and photographs from Wiseman, Alaska, and surrounding areas dating to the early 1900s. Individuals and locations in the images are nearly all identified, making the collection a useful tool for research on the region. The documents in the collection include the daily logs of the post office in Wiseman, hotel registers, financial records, listings of boat arrivals and departures, and other miscellaneous materials.

Tishu, written as “Dishu,” appears as a person in Robert Marshall’s book about Wiseman, titled “Arctic Village.” She is portrayed in a number of photographs in the book, as are her children, her mother and her half-brother, Bill English. For further information, check the Rasmuson Library online catalog; there are a number of interviews with Tishu Ulen in the Oral History collection.

Tishu V. Ulen Collection

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