Cornelius Osgood Papers

The Cornelius Osgood Papers are processed!

Cornelius Osgood, 1905-1985, was Curator of Anthropology at the Yale Peabody Museum from 1934 to 1973. Osgood is best known for his research among the Athabascan speaking people of interior Alaska, including the Bearlake Indians, Han, Tanaina, Kuchin, and Anvik people, and for his detailed ethnographies and linguistic studies. Osgood also did field work in Connecticut, China and Korea. Much of his research was published through the “Yale University Publications in Anthropology.” [Biography adapted from the Peabody Museum’s website].

About the collection:

The Cornelius Osgood Papers contain general notes, photographic images, original manuscripts, typescripts of manuscripts, sketches and drawings, plate and figure photographs for Osgood’s many publications, genealogies, offprints, course notes, field notes and maps relating to Osgood’s work with the northern Athabascan people.

Please visit the archives research room (level 2 of the Rasmuson Library) for more information!

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