New online: Edward Mulligan photograph album

The Edward Mulligan Photograph Album contains 80 images (74 photographs and 6 images clipped from publications). Subjects include streetscapes and views of beach mining at Nome, Alaska, in 1899-1900; the revenue cutter “Bear” and its crew in 1896 and 1897; Unalaska, Alaska, including an excellent view of the Russian Orthodox church there; Dutch Harbor, Saint Michael, and Port Clarence, Alaska; Eskimos from East Cape on the Chukchi Peninsula, from Mackenzie Bay in Canada, and from northwestern Alaska; the Eskimo village at Indian Point (Cape Chaplino) on the Chukchi Peninsula; and the vessels “Thrasher” and “Jeanie.” There are also several photographs of Mulligan’s friends and family, some of them taken outside Alaska.

At least eight of the images in the album are by photographer F. D. Fujiwara; all are dated 1897 and appear to document a voyage of the revenue cutter “Bear” to Point Barrow in that year. Mulligan himself is thought to have been the photographer for the remainder of the images. Although most of the images include identifications, not all of them are correctly identified.

Edward Mulligan photograph album, No. 63

Edward Mulligan photograph album

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