New Online: Grace O’Keefe Photograph Collection

The O’Keefe collection contains photographs and slides taken primarily on Adak Island during World War II. Scenes include landscapes, persons, buildings, plants, animals and ships.

Grace O’Keefe made three trips to Alaska – as a Navy nurse, stationed on Adak Island, during World War II in 1945, as a tourist in 1958, and again in 1993. In a letter she describes her time here: “About the 1958 trip, I didn’t include many slides of Alaskan scenery…  Probably the ones from the Chena River trip and Kotzebue are the most interesting. The stop on the river was an actual summer fish camp when we were there in 1958 – and not so touristy of course. About the Aleutians in 1945 – it was one of ‘those good duties if you can get it’ deals. There were 26 women (12 Navy nurses, 12 Army nurses, and 2 Red Cross workers) and 30,000 men, so most of my pictures were about fun things. I’ve selected a few of those – otherwise selected pictures of scenery, buildings, etc. We stopped in Kodiak en route home by ship in January of 1946. I truly enjoyed my 1993 visit to Alaska. The changes about bowled me over, but they were fascinating…”

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