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ANCSA Field Maps

About ANCSA Field Maps

ANCSA Field MapThe roughly 160 maps (or map sets) that comprise the "field maps" are another unique piece of the collection. Nearly all of these maps were generated and extensively used by ANCSA researchers in the course of historical place and cemetery site investigations. Each consists of at least one map sheet annotated with information derived from oral history interviews and field observations, or from associated research. But most are "composites" of multiple USGS topographical maps glued or taped together to form a single sheet. Individually, the maps vary in scale and overall size. Map annotations are predominantly handwritten and include one or more of the following types of information: Native place names; camp, village and cemetery locations (sometimes referenced to named individuals or families); overland trails; notes concerning subsistence resources and harvest areas; and observations on environmental change....

Many of the maps are heavily annotated and contain a wealth of unpublished information that could not possibly be replicated today. For example, they document long-forgotten place names, old sites that have been destroyed by erosion, and depths of cultural, ecological and geographical knowledge borne of life lived far more intimately with the land than occurs today. (Chasing the Dark, 25-27)

"Well the old people named them a long time ago. Otherwise we would not know their names. These here were named by the old people a long time ago. Every one of them. In fact, the whole island's got all different names, I guess, from the old people long ago... Yes, every point and cape and bay." (Senafont Zeeder translation of Anakenti Zeeder's [1987] Alutiiq narrative)


  • Nunivak Island place names map
  • ArcMap digitization project
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