12.0 BioSciences Library

The BioSciences Library is physically separated from, but administratively part of, the Rasmuson Library. Originally the library for the Arctic Health Research Center (AHRC)in Anchorage, the collection and facility were turned over to the University in 1973 when the AHRC closed. Located in the Arctic Health Building on the West Ridge of the Fairbanks campus, the BioSciences Library houses much of the UAF library collection of materials in the broad field of life sciences.


The collection at the BioSciences Library attempts to meet the research, teaching and learning informational needs of faculty and students in the Department of Biology and Wildlife, the School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, the School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences, and the Institute of Arctic Biology which are located on the West Ridge. The collection encompasses a broad array of subject areas in the life sciences: animal physiology, biochemistry, cell biology, ecology, genetics, immunology, microbiology, molecular biology, toxicology, wildlife biology, fisheries, marine biology, oceanography, agriculture including plant and soil sciences, and forestry.


Special emphasis is given to materials dealing with plants and animals in a cold environment. Most of the more recent literature in the library's collection on the subjects listed above is located at the BioSciences Library. Many older materials in the botanical sciences and natural history are located at the Rasmuson Library. In addition, materials in the life sciences that focus specifically on Alaska may be preferentially housed in the Alaska and Polar Regions (APR) collection at the Rasmuson Library. The primary language of the BioSciences Library is English although there are some materials in other languages including Russian. The journal collection has transitioned to the online environment, with very few titles received in paper. A variety of biological bibliographic databases for identifying journal articles and other publications are provided online through library subscriptions.


[Rev. 5 May 2011, by Anne Christie, BioSciences Librarian]